Welcome to Willis Care and Nursing Agency! An Agency you can rely on!

We are a Care & Nursing agency who specialise in providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions to residential and non-residential care services. We provide Care assistants, support workers and registered nurses. Our clients include but not limited to Care homes, Nursing homes, Learning Disabilities units, and Supported living services. Willis Care & Nursing is currently providing services in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Our performance in the last six months!

Excellent on call service

5 stars

Shift cover rate


Staff payroll

Paid 100% on time

Maximum shift cover time

28 minutes

Minimum shift cover time

30 Seconds

Average shift cover time

15 minutes (Phone booking to confirmation)

Why Choose Willis Care & Nursing?

Willis Care & Nursing projects an overwhelming level of service out of all proportion to its size, by calling upon the quality of its personnel. With an ethical approach to business and a dignified approach to care – we truly are a name you can depend on! We specialise in last minute supply and our ability to deliver short notice staffing solutions is second to none. With a 24 hour on-call service and a reliable availability of both Qualified and Caring staff, we are in a great position to really make a difference! Our method of operating is one that will surprise and satisfy new clients and develop long term relationships with our current clients who rely on our staff whenever they need us. We work with small independent homes and large organisations. All clients are important to us irrelevant of the frequency and volume of agency usage.

We can guarantee you one thing, and that is our staff satisfaction! Our staff is our strength. We invest most of our time, efforts and money in finding best candidates for you.

We believe that providing safe care is everyone’s business. That’s why we have a robust recruitment policy in place. We want to provide you staff that are safe, well trained and compliant to do their job. Before offering any placement, we take it very serious here at Willis Care and Nursing and do an extensive background checks, including:

DBS check
Right to work in the UK check
Identity check
Two references (employment and professional/personal) verification
Residential address verification
NMC register (if applicable)
Trainings verification (if applicable)General search.
General search

We want you to have the best possible experience with our staff. We pay our staff well and on time and reward them for their efforts. We look after our staff as our family and this our secret of retaining quality staff. They won’t be a replacement for your workforce but, will make a great addition to your team. Try our staff.

To book a shift  or to discuss your requirements,  give us a call on
0121 359 5939